Indeed, it would be like in a fairy tale if the non-banking loans would be given literally to anyone who only applies for them. We already know, however, that it is not as easy as it may seem to us. For the sake of the fact that loan companies in the regulations have a detailed description of which people can apply for financial support. And here it is not about a clearly defined creditworthiness. Because despite appearances, with such small amounts as they are borrowed, we rather focus on age requirements or those related to the current place of residence.

Before we send a request to a specific loan company, it is a good idea first to read the detailed guidelines. Thanks to this we save very much on time. And in the case of payday loans, this is the greatest advantage of financial products of this type granted.

Criteria for granted payday loans

Of course, the best solution would be to trace literally all offers in terms of guidelines to potential customers. But we are well aware of the fact that loan companies are far too many to make such a detailed analysis. Therefore, we should be satisfied with averaged conditions, i.e. those that appear most often.
At the beginning, however, let us be aware of why loan companies must set certain conditions at all. This is because they are determined according to the rules contained in the provisions of the Civil Code. Further legal norms that determine the activity of loan companies can be found in the anti usury law.

credit via the internet

The compulsory conditions that the client must meet when applying for a non-bank loan include:

  1. having an adulthood – in this case, however, customers often have a 21-year-old requirement, not just 18
  2. possession of Polish citizenship
  3. Having a scan of ID card, preferably a personal ID card
  4. having a registration in the territory of the Republic of Poland

The most commonly established conditions include:

  • not exceeding the upper age limit – it usually ranges from 60 to 70 years
  • having a current mobile phone number with a Polish operator
  • possession of a bank account
  • a certificate of earnings, a bank account statement, or a paid utility bill – to verify your income

Thanks to this simple verification, we already know that people who are under 18 years of age and who are not citizens of the Republic of Poland can not apply for non-bank loans.

Control of the financial situation

The most common are minute offers without customer verification at Retrodatabase. Such financial products are defined as loans without Retrodatabase. But that does not mean that loan companies give everyone financial support. Clients most often in terms of their financial situation are verified in the Credit Information Bureau or in the National Register of Debtors. Even if someone is late in regulating earlier commitments, they can actually have a loan. It all depends on the degree of risk the company chooses to take.

Online loan? It is so easy!

online loans

One of the most common reluctance to loan online, is really the fear of making any mistakes when filling out the form. And it turns out that we do not have anything to be afraid of. Applications from the websites of loan companies are very simple and can be completed in a very intuitive way. It is enough to describe your personal details accurately, attach a scan of your identity card, a certificate of earnings as well as expectations regarding the amount and timing of loan repayment.

When we meet all the conditions, and the bank account from which we send a symbolic penny, will contribute to positive verification, then we can actually expect on our personal account a very fast loan, even in several minutes.